Thierry Papillier

Position: Chef - Marrakech
: Four Seasons Resort Marrakech
Since my arrival in Morocco, I have managed to create my own local food network. I source on a daily basis high-quality food products locally so I can offer the best to my customers while empowering local communities producers. I feel by using local and seasonal produce, I have definitely increased my creativity. For my team and I, it is fulfilling to come up everyday with new recipes enhancing the best of the Moroccan terroir with our past zexperiences and worldwide techniques.
At the resort, I am working closely with the leadership team to improve our sustainability and reduce our environmental impact by reducing food waste, recycling and find eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. We are also working on an exciting project to filter our own water and last year we produced our very own olive oil.

My passion, my work depend on nature’s gifts. As a result I strongly believe that we all have a responsibility to know and protect nature.