Priyam Chatterjee

Position: Chef - Paris
: Shirvan Café Métisse

Food to connect memories, being responsible socially through visual stimulation and provoking a sense of awareness for the betterment of the next generation. 

The core of my cuisine’s philosophy has been to induce a thought-provoking stimulation that triggers the brain instantly to take a step back and think, while the other part of the brain allows to enjoy the edible creativity on the plate.

For the past four years, I have carefully and consistently worked alongside the gift of seasons and aromas that best complement them. I have done so with the help of local, artisanal and product-specific farmers, growers, botanists and suppliers.

In today’s world, nothing is more important that compassion and belief. As an artist, I want my cuisine to inspire a thought process that will bring about a change for a better tomorrow through the actions of today.

Much of my own cuisine is an impression that is triggered by nature, current disasters, socio-political issues, women’s empowerment, and children’s welfare. My work is also inspired by my interest in abstract, architectural inspiration and art in any form itself.

I strive to bring these inspirations together, based also on my rich French culinary training, my roots and heritage of Bengal in India, and my travels around the world.