Jean-Pascal Irissou

Position: Chef - Dubai
: Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

“Listening to customers and anticipating their gastronomic expectations allows me to design our menus with my teams, giving priority of course to fresh seasonal products and local fishing here in Dubai, the variety of which I discover day after day.

There is now the development of local organic farming that produces beautiful seasonal vegetables in greenhouses using the sun, recycled water to produce the energy necessary to regulate temperature and watering.

Take the time to interact with these producers, the fishermen and just cook these products steeped in history with respect and simplicity.

We must defend our ideas, our convictions, our DNA every day, explain to our customers from around the world why I don’t want to cook an asparagus in October, why I don’t cook a St Jacques in July.

I take the time to share and transmit to my chefs of various nationalities, simple ideas of respect for nature, and the taste for authentic, creative, homemade and above all good cuisine.”