Grégory Cohen

Position: Chef - Paris
: Hotel Bowmann

Being a committed and responsible cook means, for me, integrating the environmental impact into my daily routine, through energy and water control. For example in the kitchen we switched to induction hobs for saving energy (in the kitchen we usually leave the gas on non-stop), we have equipped all the water points with infrared systems which stops us from forgetting to turn off the water.

I work my products to the extreme, that is to say that I will extract the substances from the ingredients to cook them entirely; the peels of the vegetables will join the base of the broths …

This working of the product in full yields the fillets for the whole fish and a base of sauce with the heads and bones, as well as for the meats and bones.

I favor crops, livestock and fisheries based on a sustainable approach, because for me it is essential to be alert on global issues both at the ecosystem and human level.

The world has become a village in which we do our shopping, tapping into all its original products, its differences and its skills, and it is a good thing we must learn to become citizens of the world!

At the same time though, we must be alerted and take into account the environment of men and regions as well as the societal impact and the impact on our planet to preserve it as best as possible without losing sight of the fact that we are only passing through and that ahead of us are the generations to come….