Charles Coulombeau

Position: Chef ★ - Nancy
: La Maison dans le Parc

I became Chef de Cuisine at age 28 at the restaurant La Maison dans le Parc in Nancy right between the two confinements, which is to say that I can not wait to resume normal activity.

Coming from a family in which the preparation of meals was a serious activity and where “frozen ready-made meals” had no place, I naturally acquired a taste for good and healthy cooking. I joined the Lycée professionnel de Biarritz and passed my Bac and my BTS in apprenticeship.

During my schooling, I set foot for the first time in a large house at Jean Coussau ** in the Landes. It was there that I discovered the profession and the products.

During my BTS, I was an apprentice at the table of the Ibarboure * Brothers in the Basque Country, then joined the brigade of Michel Guérard at the Prés d’Eugénie *** under the leadership of Olivier Brulard, MOF 1996, who was for me a true mentor.
During my visit to the Basque Country, I met Roxane who became my wife.

After spending a year in Burgundy at Maison Lameloise ***, I went to the United Kingdom at Gravetye Manor, Relais et Châteaux *, where I quickly became Chef de Cuisine. During this period, working in the establishment allowed us to go for a 2-month stint in the kitchen in a Relais et Châteaux in Japan, Beniya Mukayu, which again allowed me to discover new techniques and new products.

I took part in several competitions: National Chef of the Year (semi final), and I was decorated with an Acorn Award, 30 people under 30 to follow in the Industry; but my greatest satisfaction is to have been selected to represent the United Kingdom at the Taittinger International Culinary Award for author’s cuisine and to have won the international final in Paris in January 2020.

This is when we wanted to return to France.

During my stay at Gravetye Manor *, I used products from the exceptional vegetable garden belonging to the estate on a daily basis. Thus, I sometimes had to accommodate vegetables of unusual size or shape, but with exceptional flavor and freshness.
By favoring short circuits and maintaining a close relationship with my suppliers, I offer my guests products free from long transport and corresponding to the season.
I kept this good practice and instilled it in my team to whom I teach how to use the maximum of each product, and if we are careful, the waste is really low, as well as constantly looking for new ideas to enhance the products supplied to us.
Finally, I do my best to get my team members and suppliers to meet so that respect for the product and for the work is reciprocal.

Every Thursday since my arrival we produce between 50 and 70 L of soups for the restaurants of the heart, whether the restaurant is closed or not. The conditioning issue quickly presented itself to us. With the help of our customers and restaurants in the heart, we have succeeded in setting up a recycling network for the empty glass bottles that we collect and which are generously offered to us.