Adam Handling

Position: Chef - London
: Frog by Adam Handling

Scottish-born chef and restaurateur Adam Handling is a multi-award winning chef who operates restaurants and bars in London including Frog by Adam Handling and Eve Bar in Covent Garden, and Adam Handling Chelsea.

At the heart of his cooking is a commitment to championing seasonal local produce and eventually eliminating all food waste. He does this by creating beautiful dishes from offcuts that are usually thrown away, and operating as far as possible a zero waste policy. For example he will purchase whole animals and use every part; he will never use unnecessary garnishes on cocktails or in dishes, and fruit and vegetable offcuts are used to produce purees and fermented ingredients.

Food suppliers have to deliver their goods in recyclable cardboard, it is a rule that nothing is delivered in plastic or polystyrene. As for decorative floral arrangements in his restaurants, no cut flowers are displayed, only living plants and herbs.

The Adam Handling Group teaches a practical understanding of sustainability processes within its training and apprenticeship programmes.  Adam believes that zero waste, food production and seasonality is essential knowledge for everyone working in the hospitality industry, and particularly amongst his management and staff.