Elena Arzak

Position: Chef ★★★ - Spain
: Arzak

“The Basque Country and San Sebastian, our city, are intense lands and this intensity has marked our cuisine. The food here is a reflection of a way of life – simple, profound and passionate.

In our changing times we continue to adapt. Sensitivity to the environment, social responsibility and reflecting on the new ways we congregate and communicate are all a part of moving forward at Arzak as much as the techniques, tastes and experiences related to cooking. We are looking to rediscover the essence of taste. At Arzak, we don’t want to mask flavor, texture or aroma but rather respect them embracing the intensity of nature and the purity of raw materials. The sustainable work of our local producers is key. We are committed to improving the environment and are constantly working to be more sustainable. We prioritize local consumption to support the producers in our areas.

I am proud to be a cook and working together with farmers and fishermen to support my community reminds me of why I wanted to become one.”