Ciccio Sultano

Position: Chef ★★- Sicily
: Duomo

From the beginning, I have been looking for producers I can trust and involve in my kitchen, establishing a strong relationship, professionally and over time also personally. What I look for first in a supplier is eco-sustainability. We must never forget that the supplier defends my honor and that of the customer: they are an essential part of the mechanism. Support is based on mutual dignity, both from an economic and cultural point of view. Promoting quality is contributing to history.

Expanding the discourse of sustainability to ecology, I think that the small gestures, such as the reuse of copper containers and straws, which we adopted in our restaurants, are worth a lot. Sustainability in the field of food and catering is a behavior even before being ideology, policy or fashion. As a chef and as a team, we strive every day to set an example in supporting the growth of the territory in the concept of environmental sustainability.